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Public Safety Commission

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Independent Civilian Review Board 

Fair- Transparent- Accountable

Minnesota Civilian Public Safety Commission is a community-based nonprofit 501C4 organization that believes that all citizens are entitled to equal protection under the law.

Accountability is the way Minnesota Civilian Public Safety Commission will help ensure that individuals entrusted with power and authority don't abuse their power and violate your civil rights. 

Our Objectives

  • Increase public safety by monitoring communities, assigning our community ambassadors that will take a proactive approach to prevent youth gun and gang violence
  • Establishing strategic partnerships that will work to implement  strategies that will reduce overall violence and crime in the community
  • Improve access to community resources and governmental services
  • Expand homeowner ship opportunities for economically disadvantages individuals and families
  • Redevelop and transform communities that have been targeted and disadvantaged by systematic oppression
  • Police and government services auditing and civilian oversight;  special advisors on strategies to ensure government accountability


Public Service Profile

The Honorable David A. Singleton

Founder and Executive Chairman

[email protected]

  • Provisional Chairman for the Minnesota Police Reserve Officers Association
  • Former Reserve Police Officer in Minnesota.
  • Former Chairman and member for the Ramsey County Personnel Review Board
  • Former City of St. Paul District Council President and Special Advisor to the Mayor and the St. Paul City Council
  • Special Deputy Assistant to his Excellency, Ambassador and Former Vice President of the Republic of Liberia Joseph N. Boaki
  • Retired Commissioner and Chairman for the City of Roseville Human Rights Commission, advising the Mayor and City Council
  • Retired Vice-Chair for the Maplewood Police Use of Force Advisory Board
  • Retired Assistant Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America
  • Qualified by the Minnesota Supreme Court, Civil Arbitrator, and Special Consensual Magistrate Minn Rule 114 (Current)
  • President and Chairman for the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions (Current)
  • Law enforcement Major Century College (Current)
  • Century College Student Senate President 2020-2021 (Current)
  • Mock Trial Judge for Mitchell-Hamline School of Law and Graduate from Arbitration and civil and criminal Law
  • Member of the Minnesota Paralegal Association (Current) Chairman of the Minnesota Governmental Affairs Committee
  • Member of the National Federation of Paralegals (Current)

About Us

The Minnesota Civilian Public Safety Commission is a non-governmental organization Based in Maplewood and serving the state of Minnesota our organization is public safety certified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c4 non-profit.

Our Mission

Minnesota Civilian Public Safety Commission conducts activities in the general areas of public safety, crime prevention, housing, and community development. We monitor and create strategies to ensure governmental and police accountability. Additionally, we act as an independent review board regarding matters of public interest.

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